GBL TRYOUTS 2017/18 Season

Updated Thursday August 17, 2017 by NGBA.


North Gwinnett GBL Open Tryouts



5th Boys

6th Boys

7th Boys

5th&6th Girls

7th Girls



George Pierce Park Indoor Gym

6 to 7:30pm

6 to 7:30pm 7:30 to 9pm  OFF 7:30 to 9pm

Sunday 08/27/17

NGHS Main Gym

1 to 2:30pm

1 to 2:30pm

2:30 to 4pm

2:30 to 4pm


Sunday 08/30/17

George Pierce Park indoor Gym

6 to 7:30pm   Split Court

6 to 7:30pm   Split Court

7:30 to 9pm

6 to 7:30pm

7:30 to 9pm


NGBA GBL Basketball Teams are highly competitive travel teams that fall under the umbrella ofthe NGBA recreational basketball league, but this is not recreational basketball.

These GBL travel basketball teams will be filled by open try-outs and not all players attending will be selected for their grade specific teams. Typically, all games will be played on Saturday and Sunday at Suwanee Sports Academy or at other GCPS High School Gyms around the County. The NGBA GBL teams will play other grade level teams from the participating GBL programs around the County. The cost of playing NGBA GBL will be $350.00 which includes a Uniform, Practice Gyms, Jamboree Games, Regular Season consisting of 14 games, and Playoff Games. There are no refunds once the player fees are collected by NGBA GBL.
You must currently attend school in the NGHS Cluster including: North Gwinnett Middle School, Level Creek Elementary, Riverside Elementary, Suwanee Elementary or Roberts Elementary to be eligible. If you attend a private school, and that private school does not offer GBL, then you are permitted to play for the grade appropriate NGBA GBL team provided you can prove you live within the school boundaries of NHGS cluster schools. Please register for try-outs prior to the try-out date by emailing or texting the appropriate grade level coach:
2017/2018 NGBA Head Coaches
5th/6th Grade Girls Lauren Steger        404-780-3943cell
7th Grade Girls Adam Wood                 770-880-5575cell
5th Grade Boys Raheem Rashad         404-394-3544cell
6th Grade Boys Ken Hancock               678-667-6333cell
7th Grade Boys Paxton Briley               404-993-0559cell
NGBA GBL Director Eric Johansen   678-571-4843cell

** There is NO playing up unless approved by the NGBA GBL Director. NGBA GBL wants all players to play on their grade specific team unless specific circumstances dictate otherwise. Rising 4th graders playing on a 5th grade team is typically an accepted situation.


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